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A Classy Wedding in Kennebunk, Maine!

Not only was this day filled with beautiful details from the Sailcloth tent, we’re looking at you Sperry Tents Seacoast, to the incredible bouquets from Minka Flowers – this couple chose to have a W.C Seacoast portable restroom. Fitting in with their classy and elegant overall vibe and theme for the night! We think we look pretty cute parked outside The Big House ! Who would have known that adorable little trailer was a bathroom!?

Special shout out to Brea Mcdonald who captured all of the details that were put together by the incredibly talented Audrey of Azalea Events (Planner) throughout of the day! We love getting albums from Brea because she truly makes sure to take it all in! (PLUS she always get shots of our products – thank you Brea!!) She posted about it on her blog as well saying – “Cheers to Shelley and Brian who rode away in style last Saturday from their Kennebunk wedding! We are OBSESSED with this car!” – What a sweet ride!! So glad there so many pictures taken throughout the night, it’s as if we get to live it again every time we scroll through!

Vendors: Brea Mcdonald, The Big House, Sperry Tents Seacoast, Minka Flowers, Kitchen Chicks Catering, Griffin & Griffin, Azalea Events

The Guide to Bathroom Rentals for Your Outdoor Wedding

A very insightful read from Brides

Everything related to a wedding is so elegant, so refined, so proper that well, even the mention of a toilet sounds like potty mouth. But having a celebration alfresco when there are no bathrooms nearby means you need rental options pronto. That’s where we come in: We’ve done all the dirty work (er, research) for you with the help of wedding planner extraordinaire Lyndsey Hamilton, creative director of Lyndsey Hamilton Events. From porcelain thrones (Kimye did have a golden toilet tower!) to porta-johns, here’s what you need to know.

The logistics

You don’t want the loo in full view of guests or near where they are eating, so careful placement is a must, says Hamilton. If there aren’t any areas to tuck them away completely, hide units behind a barn, outbuilding, or even nestled in a grove of trees. “Make sure the bathrooms aren’t far from the tent and the path is covered in case it rains,” she says. You’ll also need to figure out where the water and power sources are located ahead of time.

From toilets to trailers

In the realm of wedding-worthy restroom rentals, there are your individual porta-cabins that have flush units (non-flush option are a no-no for obvious reasons!) and sinks. These typically go for about $300 apiece. Then there’s the restroom trailer, which can be like the royal flush of the mobile bathroom world. They are essentially regular bathrooms with running water, ample lighting, climate control, flushing toilets, and space, says Hamilton. They range in size from 10 to 26 feet and cost anywhere from $2500 to over $15,000, says Hamilton. “Although restrooms are not an item people want to spend a lot on, they really do make a huge difference,” she says.

Headcount counts

The last thing you’d ever want is a long line for the restroom, or (gasp!) your male guests resorting to a nearby bush, so have enough bathrooms to cover your guests. “We generally do three to four stalls for women and three stalls for men for a 150-to-175-person wedding,” for example. That works out to be roughly one bathroom per 25 guests.