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How To Throw A Winter Wedding Without Ruining Your Guests’ Holidays

Photo:  Brea McDonald

This article by Nancy Mattia, contributing writer for Martha Stewart Weddings gives advice on having a wedding during the holidays.

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When holiday cheer turns into holiday jeer.

A wedding during a winter holiday weekend has always been your dream. You picture yourself surrounded by family and friends as snowflakes fall in the background of a reception spot decorated in Christmas finery. Nice image but all your guests may not share that vision of blustery bliss. Because of the timing of your wedding, some may have to give up their much-anticipated plans to go on vacation during Christmas week, or they have to cut short their annual visit to relatives who live in another state. Be considerate of the special circumstances that surround a Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa wedding so that you’re not inconveniencing anybody. Here’s how to do it right.

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18 Wedding First Dance Songs That Aren’t At All Cheesy

Here is a great article on 2018 Wedding dance music by Brittany Wong. She is worth the follow if you are involved in planning a wedding.

W.C. Seacoast’s parent company, Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your wedding or event. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.

We offer the elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your wedding or event. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day, and hopefully some great music.


Brittany Wong 5/16/2018

It isn’t easy to find a wedding first dance song that speaks to who you are as a couple and hasn’t been played a million times before.

Bri Swatek, owner of Spinning With Style in New York, recommends focusing on two things if you’re currently stuck on deciding.

“Focus on lyrics first. As a couple, you want to find a lyric that speaks to who you are together,” the DJ said. “Second, you want to find a sound and a tempo that’s easy to dance to ― especially if you plan to invite your friends and family to join you out on the dance floor.”

Need further inspiration? Below, Swatek and other wedding DJs offer their top recs for first dance songs that are romantic and unique.

  1. Sade ― “By Your Side”(Neptunes Remix)

“The lyrics, the vibe. It just makes you feel like no matter what, you love each other and will stand by each other unconditionally.” ― DJ Crystal, a DJ at VIP DJ Entertainment in Los Angeles

  1. Nelly Furtado — “Feel So Close”

“A Calvin Harris cover. It’s a pretty song and the original is a classic party banger so it maintains a lot of that fun.” ― DJ Jack Farmer, a DJ in Los Angeles

  1. Alicia Myers ― “I Want To Thank You”

“This song really encapsulates what the struggle feels like to find true love and the pure gratitude felt once it’s finally found. It also has a funk and R&B element, which naturally leads into a first dance set for your guests.” ― Nicole Otero, a DJ at TCM DJ Events in New York City

  1. Xavier Omar ― “Blind Man” 

“The beat and lyrics ― about how his partner is so much more that her physical appearance ― is perfect for a wedding.” ― DJ Chuck D Supreme, a DJ in Los Angeles, California 

  1. Led Zeppelin ― “All My Love”

“It’s a classic rock song, which is a little different for a wedding.” ― DJ CeeLos, a DJ in Southern California  

  1. Corinne Bailey Rae ― “Is This Love”

“The cover of Bob Marley has a smoky and romantic feel, but she sings it with such a beautiful vulnerability in her voice. It’s perfect for a couple starting their new journey together.” ― Ross Anderson owner of Bela Sono Music in Fairfax, Virginia 

  1. Chris Stapleton ― “Tennessee Whiskey”

“The pace makes it really easy to slow dance to. It’s not for everyone but for some, it’s extremely relatable and feels tailor-made just for them.”  ― DJ Isaac, a DJ at VIP DJ Entertainment in Los Angeles

  1. Lykke Li ― “Unchained Melody”

“This is a fresh and unique take on possibly one of the most classic love songs of all time. It’s slow and somber but full of passion. This song is great for couples that are true romantics.” ― Joey Farese of Electric Entertainment DJs in Los Angeles 

  1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ― “Home”

“I would have to say my favorite first dance song is ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe. I really like it because it’s more upbeat and has a very fun, loving tone.” ― Stephen Vaughn, a DJ at Backthird in Chicago

  1. Matthew Koma ― “Years” (acoustic)

“I love when a couple picks a song that’s really meaningful to them, whether or not it sounds like a traditional first dance song. You can typically find an acoustic version if the normal version is too high-energy, like this acoustic version of the original.” ― Sean O’Hare, owner of PDX DJs in Portland, Oregon 

  1. Lana Del Rey ― “Lucky Ones”

“It’s a song that really isn’t on any lists, and the words are spot-on and very deep.” ―Allen Walker, owner of Big Daddy Walker Productions in Milford, Ohio 

  1. Pink Martini ― “Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love”

“It’s a triple crown song: lovely, upbeat and romantic.” ―Bernard Moore, owner of Rockin’ It DJs in New York City 

  1. Prince ― “Adore”

“We pretty much love everything Prince. The lyrics are perfect and you get that added funk that only Prince can bring to a track.” ―DJ Rockwala, a DJ at 5 Boro Sounds in New York City

  1. Ray LaMontagne ― “Let It Be Me” 

“With its simple production, focusing on the acoustic guitar and vocals, Ray LaMontagne’s ‘Let It Be Me’ really speaks to the ‘for better or worse’ vows you make on your wedding day, and to your promise be there for one another, together through it all.” ―Bri Swatek, owner of Spinning With Style in New York

  1. Van Morrison ― “Someone Like You” 

“It’s a classic that’s not overplayed.” ―Dave Mancini, a DJ in Southern California 

  1. John Mayer ― “XO”

“A great Beyonce cover (though you can’t go wrong with the original). If you prefer a more ‘romantic,’ acoustic style for your first dance, John Mayer’s version still sounds beautiful. It’s a perfect fit for a first dance.” ―DJ Jack Farmer, a DJ in Los Angeles

  1. Michael Jackson ― “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”

“I am a huge fan of upbeat and super fun first dances, so this one of my favorite songs to recommend. The lyrics are perfect for the occasion and the song is also great to dance to. Everyone in the room will be tapping their feet.” ―DJ Keelez, a DJ in Los Angeles 

  1. Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson ― “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)”

“This gives a more sensual twist to this classic song, that radiates hard on a summer night. When you want to show your guests (and the world) that you love each other but are willing to dance the night away on a moment’s notice, this song is the perfect blend of that.” ― DJ Flobito, a DJ in Los Angeles

This article originally appeared on HuffPost



Here is a great article on 2018 Wedding trends by Mindy Weiss. She is worth the follow if you are involved in planning a wedding.

W.C. Seacoast’s parent company, Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your wedding or event. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day. Continue reading

Sperry Tents Seacoast  2018 Wedding Trend Observations

2018 is going to be a banner wedding year!   Sperry Tents Seacoast wanted to share some early  observations.

  1. Brides are booking their venders earlier than normal. Venues, florists, event planners and bands are already sold out for a lot of key dates.
  2. August 18,2018 is “that” weekend. It will be the busiest weekend of the year.
  3. More brides are renting full floors under their tents.
  4. The Sperry Experience and Quality continue to be recognized in the market
  5. Clear wedding tents continue to be very popular. The Coastal Clear Tent has gained tremendous popularity with brides.
  6. Wedding budgets are larger
  7. Farm Tables are still in vogue
  8. Maine and New Hampshire Seacoast continue to be extremely popular locations for destination weddings. The major cities for destination wedding continue to be Kennebunkport Maine, Cape Elizabeth Maine, and Boothbay Maine.
  9. Regal colors and geometric patterns are in
  10. Venues are purchasing Sperry Sailcloth Wedding Tents for full season installs.
  11. Weddings are a full weekend celebration! More tented welcome reception on Friday, Sunday Tented Wedding brunches
  12. More wedding planning and reservations on the web
  13. Weddings are utilizing restroom trailers over less expensive alternatives.

Storm Cleanup Continue, But More Bad Weather Coming More bad Weather On The Way

More bad news seems to be on the horizon. Please stay safe as we all wish you the best during this next Nor’easter.

By Jack Shea

BRYAN EATON/Staff photo Jamie Emard of Smith Properties, a management company in Merrimac, uses a shovel Monday afternoon to create water flow and a submersible pump to drain the bottom floor of a property on North End Boulevard at Salisbury Beach.

NEWBURYPORT — In the aftermath of last weekend’s nor’easter that knocked out power, temporarily closed some areas and resulted in serious coastal flooding, officials are hard at work cleaning up local communities.

Wayne Amaral, Newburyport Department of Public Services deputy director, said DPS has been continuously mitigating flooding and clearing fallen tree limbs since the storm began Friday. He said the department hoped to finish the cleanup efforts soon.

“We look fine,” Amaral said Monday afternoon. “I think we’ll be able to pick up everything that’s down on the ground by the end of today.”

In addition to the “five or six” trees that were knocked down in Newburyport, Amaral said DPS has mainly been dealing with fallen branches and also high tides bringing in debris at Joppa Flats and other coastal areas.

While astronomical high tides flooded roads on Plum Island and other areas near the Merrimack River, including Water Street and Cashman Park, Amaral said most of the city’s coastal flooding issues should be resolved soon as the high tides recede.

Salisbury Department of Public Works Director Lisa DeMeo said on Monday that although the town’s roads are all open, many areas are still covered with displaced sand, which town workers will clean up in the coming days. Meanwhile, she said, the storm’s effects are still being felt during high tides.

“We had to rebuild the dune at the end of Broadway after each tide,” DeMeo said. “Today, the ocean was still topping over the dune we built.”

DeMeo noted that the town elected to close certain roads to nonresidents as officials dealt with floodwater and sand over the weekend, which proved to be useful in speeding up cleanup efforts.

“I realize everyone wants to witness the awe of nature,” DeMeo said. “It’s about keeping the thrill seekers away because it always hinders our activities. We’ll probably do it again next time.”

In Seabrook, officials said cleanup is ongoing at the beach and on several roads, including Route 286.

“They did their job,” said John Starkey, manager of Seabrook’s Department of Public Works. “I try to be like Bill Belichick. We come in and we do our job.”

Starkey said the northern section of Seabrook Beach has changed dramatically from intense flooding, pushing copious amounts of sand onto roadways.

“We were concerned with too much sand,” said Starkey, who added that workers are using a vacuum truck to remove debris. “We can’t have that much sand on the street clogging up the drains.”

Cross Beach Road and River Street were closed due to high tides and storm surge. Route 286, which is commonly shut down during storms, experienced flooding along Seabrook Beach.

Brown’s Lobster Pound was surrounded by water, Starkey said, although the building is designed to withstand flooding from the marsh.

But just as things have started to wind down from the weekend, communities are bracing for yet another coastal storm that could bring up to 12 inches of wet, heavy snow and strong winds to the North Shore, starting Wednesday morning and continuing into Thursday.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency issued a press release Monday, warning that snow is forecast to begin mainly after the Wednesday morning commute and continue through Wednesday night before tapering off during the morning commute Thursday.

But with winds predicted to come at between 30 and 40 mph, with gusts of up to 50 mph in some places, the storm appears to be less intense than last week’s nor’easter, which brought winds up to 70 mph to the Newburyport area.

MEMA also forecasts a smaller storm surge of about 2.5 to 3 feet, with 15- to 20-foot waves just offshore. At worst, the release said, the storm could result in minor coastal flooding and moderate beach erosion from the early Thursday morning high tide, which will hit Newburyport at 3:59 a.m. This will likely be the only high tide with any coastal impact.

Amaral said he is less concerned about coastal flooding and predicts the storm will be a much more manageable wind and snow event.

“It’s minor for us, we could deal with that with our eyes closed,” Amaral said. “It’s when you get over 12 inches of snow that it becomes challenging. And it’s going to be windy but not 70 miles an hour, which is nice.”

Jack Shea can be reached via email at or by phone at 978-961-3154. Follow him on Twitter @iamjackshea.

NH Seacoast Rocked By More Flooding, Road Closures


We hope all the Seacoast towns Portsmouth, Rye, Hampton, Hampton Beach, and North Hampton stay safe during this latest Nor’easter. Here is a look back last weekends brutal Nor’easter.


Officials warn residents, visitors to stay away from Hampton, North Hampton, Rye; guv inspects damage, NH utility companies assist in Mass.

By Tony Schinella, Patch National Staff | Mar 4, 2018 1:56 pm ET

HAMPTON, NH — High tides and surges in the wake of Winter Storm Riley leaving the region are still battering New Hampshire’s Seacoast. According to state and local officials, roads are closed in Hampton, North Hampton, and Rye again on March 4, 2018, due to hide tides and new surges in the wake of the storm moving out of the region. Hampton NH Firefighters warned on Twitter of numerous road closures in the area including Brown Avenue, Route 101 at Glade Path, and between Winnacunnet Road at Ocean Boulevard this afternoon.

New Hampshire’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management office reported on Twitter that Ocean Boulevard in Rye was closed to all traffic including pedestrians.

Rockingham Sheriffs and the NH DOT also announced flood alerts on Twitter for Ocean Boulevard/Route 1A in North Hampton, which is closed from Route 111 to Sea Road.

Along Ocean Boulevard this morning, police reported large rocks on the roadways

Floodwaters Surge, Waterfront Homes Battered As Powerful Storm Slams Maine Coast

What a  difficult and crazy weekend for many of us on the coast. Time to come together as a community to rebuild. We thought we would share a store by Kelley Bouchard she can be contacted at 791-6328 or at: Check out the Portland Press Hearld for more pictures.

A powerful storm sweeping up the East Coast on Friday caused extensive coastal flooding across southern Maine, closing roads, canceling flights, disrupting rail service and damaging structures throughout the region.

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